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Party Themes

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Party Themes

Outdoor Party Themes Ideas

Outdoor parties have a charm of their own. The beauty of nature and the night-lit sky will add to the party atmosphere, making it unique and very romantic.

Some celebration themes are very appropriate for outdoor parties. The natural surroundings and the atmosphere make them exceptionally suitable. The warm weather, nature and activity possibilities should be used to your advantage.
Party Themes

If you are about to host a summer outdoor party, you may consider one of the following theme ideas.

The Picnic
Instead of hosting a traditional party, you can have a picnic in your garden or any outdoor venue that you prefer. The picnic is informal and giving people a chance to socialize and to have fun with each other.

Picnics are easy to organize. You will need no special decorations and expensive tableware. Picnic blankets and plastic or cardboard plates will be appropriate. Finger foods, salads, fruit and cheese platters will all be great for the picnic party.

Such outdoor parties have another great advantage - they combine perfectly with activities and sports. You will have many opportunities to keep guests entertained and to schedule games and ice breakers.
Party Themes

Beach Parties
The beach can be a wonderful party venue. You can make it the focus of the celebration. A beach-themed party can be held nearly anywhere but it will be most authentic and appealing in outdoor surroundings.

Beach parties encourage interaction between people, dancing and the creation of intimate surroundings. Guests can be asked to come in swimsuits, which will add to the appeal of the celebration.

Such outdoor parties go well with tropical cocktails, seafood and salads. The menu could even be inspired by a tropical country or any other popular marine destinations. Natural decorations can be utilized - pebbles, seashells, palms and sand.

Flower Party Themes
Outdoor parties should focus on nature, in order to be most successful.

Flower-themed parties held in a garden will be beautiful, elegant and very sophisticated. This theme is suitable for both casual and more official gatherings. The availability of natural decorations is the biggest flower-themed party advantage.

Go for a specific flower or a certain color. An all-white flower party will be so elegant. You can choose white roses, calla lilies, daisies and all other types of white flowers that you adore.

Flower decorations can also be colorful, fragrant and eye-catching.

Sports-Themed Parties (Baseball, Roller Skating)
Open spaces are perfect for the practice of sports. Outdoor celebrations can focus on specific sports.
Party Themes

Some of the activities that are great for outdoor parties include baseball, roller skating, volleyball and beach volleyball, featherball and soccer. Such parties are best for small gatherings of close friends or casual parties.

Outdoor parties are fun, beautiful and enticing. You can find an appropriate theme for any occasion. Your outdoor party will look elegant, fun or even sporty if you want it to be so. Pick the right venue and think about the decorations that will bring your idea to reality. Make sure to use the natural surroundings as much as possible.

Article Source:By Criss White

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